"Making tomorrow better than today!"



by Jane Hooey, Chair of the Board

"We've come a long way from the Deaf church on Wellesley Street where services were provided to any Deaf, hard-of-hearing person, and their families. This was made possible with the support and advice of the Ontario Mission of the Deaf. We became the resource that people, government, and other agencies sought. 

Today we continue to provide services under the four pillars: Seniors, Developmental Services, Mental Health, and Education. Education includes educating Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people through services of ASL and advocacy. 

We have over 250 employees who work at the Bob Rumball Canadian Centre of Excellence for the Deaf under the supportive umbrella of the Ontario Mission of the Deaf. Reverend Rumball's legacy continues to draw support for our programs. We continue to improve and believe that we can do better. We are the organisation that folks, government, and other agencies contact for help. 

We shall continue to carry the spirit of 56 Wellesley Street and the old Deaf church to provide care and opportunities in a communication rich environment that enhances the quality of life of those that we serve."



by Derek Rumball, President of BRCCED

"This cornerstone says April 5th, 1979. 40 years ago this was put here by those people with the vision and the foresight to know what was needed for the future. In  those 40 years much has changed at Rumball, and what has not changed is service to others, making a difference in making today better than yesterday, and planning for tomorrow to be better than today. It was really quite simple, we listened. We listened to those in need, reached out, and met the needs of the people that we serve. Opportunities, education a higher quality of life, and doing things and thinking creatively, and doing things that no one else is doing. We succeed when we take a good idea and turn it into a great idea that is to the benefit of those people that we serve.


Many years ago my father, the Reverend Bob Rumball, along with all those folks at the Deaf church on 56 Wellesley Street had a vision, they had a dream of what here is now on Bayview. It is indeed a privilege for me to serve in this organization that has served so many — 40 years! The next 10, the next 20, the next 50, are all going to be very very exciting times in the life of the Rumball Organizations. We're glad that you're a part of it, and thank you very much!"



by Karen Chambers, Chief Executive Officer of BRCCED

"I take great joy in writing this annual report because it provides me with an opportunity to look back at all of our successes and look forward to the awesome future ahead!


Reflecting on last year what comes to mind immediately is that change is most certainly constant.

With the change in our provincial government this year there has been much uncertainty and we continue to keep abreast relevant changes that could impact our stakeholders. In this and the coming years of provincial austerity we place the utmost importance in our proven creativity in fostering our social enterprises which include The Range, our Community Gardens and our Landscaping ventures. These programs are self-sustaining and provide alternative sources of revenue but more importantly provide limitless opportunities to those we support.


We have so many important partnerships that help us further our mission. We are extremely excited about our work to date with Habitat for Humanity, Mississauga/Halton. We have been working hard this year to lay the foundation for our 2020 build which will allow us to create much needed capacity.


We also continue our work with the OASIS Sensory Partners and the Deafblind Network of Ontario advocating together for existing and future services that benefit people experiencing sensory loss.


We couldn’t be happier with accessibility being a priority at all levels of government! I would like to thank our local, regional, provincial and federal politicians for their ongoing support in affecting positive change.


Also a big thank you to our funders, staff and volunteers who collectively make our services possible.


You can be sure that BRCCED in true Bob Rumball fashion will continue to do our best each day to ensure that our services, staff, volunteers and most importantly the people we support thrive.



by Trevor Lumb, Chief Operations Officer of BRCCED

"With our amalgamation now behind us, 2018-19 was a year to increase our focus on Service.  BRCCED has been serving the Deaf community for 40 years now, and is quickly becoming the first point of contact for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals and families seeking specialized, communication and culturally rich services. 


This past year, BRCCED served over 1200 people in a variety of program options including education, senior’s services, children’s mental health and developmental services.  BRCCED services are offered across the lifespan – to new parents in our Ontario Early years Centre, to children and youth and their families struggling with mental health issues, to adults with developmental disabilities, and to seniors living either with us or receiving supports in their own homes. With our teams of dedicated staff, service quality will continue to be the focus across all programs and services ensuring a better day and quality of life for all. BRCCED also responded to over 500 inquiries this past year answering questions and helping connect people to services and supports that fit their current needs at the time. That’s over 1700 people served this year!


BRCCED has played a larger role this past year by partnering with many businesses, organizations and government to create greater access and accessibility. By developing training curriculums, ASL videos, and ensuring the availability of qualified ASL interpreters, BRCCED continues to ensure more and more community activities , workshops and trainings, and information and services are accessible and delivered or offered in ASL."



by Autumn B, BRCCED resident

My name is Autumn Bartlett. I am 18 years old. I moved to Drury Program when I was 16. I used to live in Ottawa, then moved to Kitchener, and now live here in Milton. I am doing much better here. I used to blow up a lot, but since I moved here, I’ve improved.  I’m happier here. I often go out in the community. I go out for drives and walks. I also go out to the movies, the local pool, and the trampoline park. The staff here are friendly, supportive, and like to joke around. My family also comes to visit me. I am here learning new skills and how to control myself.


One and only in Ontario!

Did you know, the Drury Program is the only children’s residential treatment program in Ontario for Deaf or hard of hearing children and Youth where services are offered in ASL? For one of our residents, this is the first placement where she has ever felt confident, safe and comfortable enough to call home. 





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